Marin Blažević is theatre and performance studies scholar and dramaturge based in Zagreb, Croatia. As an Associate Professor he teaches theory and history of theatre and drama, performance studies and dramaturgy at the Academy of Drama Arts and opera dramaturgy at the Music Academy (Department of Opera singing), University of Zagreb. In fall 2014 he started his four years term as artistic director and dramaturge of the Opera Company of Croatian National Theater in Rijeka. He is also adjunct associate professor at Columbia University School of the Arts.

Marin published widely in English, Italian, Croatian and Slovenian language. His publications include authored books, collections of essays and edited thematic issues of international journals for performing arts and performance studies. With Matthew Goulish (Goat Island, Every House Has a Door) he co-edited special English issues of Performing Arts JournalFrakcija (Fraction): Reflections on the Process / Performance: A Reading Companion to Goat Island’s ‘When will the September roses bloom?’ (2004/2005). With Lada ČaleFeldman he co-edited MIS-performance issuefor Performance Research. His edited books include: Branko Gavella: Teorija glume – od materijala do ličnosti (Branko Gavella: Theory of Acting – English translation forthcoming in 2015); a collection of essays on Slovenian performance-theatre company Via Negativa titled No, (2011) and MISperformance, Essays on Shifting Perspectives, co-edited with Lada Čale Feldman (2014). Authored books: Razgovori o novom kazalištu (Conversations on the New Theatre, 2007) and Izboren poraz (A Defeat Won, 2012), on the theory of new theatre and its peculiar history in Croatia. He is currently working on the book The Breadth and Shifts of Dramaturgy (forthcoming in 2016).

In 2011 Marin was awarded the Fulbright Scholar Postdoctoral Grant and conducted a research project titled Dramaturgy: Shifting Concept and Practice at both Columbia University (Theatre – Dramaturgy) and New York University (Performance Studies department). Marin is director and dramaturge of Performance Studies international 2015 dispersed international conference project in fifteen locations around the world: Fluid States: Performances of unknowing(